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Building your personal story with Young Living, and learning to communicate it effectively are the most valuable skills you can build in order to achieve great success with your Young Living business.

Before we get started, I want you to ask yourself a question… How many people do you know who would like to A. Have better health? B. Live longer? …And 3. Earn more money?

For me, everyone I know fits into at least one of those categories and Young Living can truly help people in all of these areas of life. The challenge is in effectively communicating so that people have an ‘ah-ha’ moment where they realize that what you have, can help them resolve a challenge or problem in their life.

If you present the idea of Young Living products or the Young Living business in the correct way, people will literally line-up to join you in your business.

Go about it the wrong way and people will close themselves off and never understand how beneficial Young Living can be for them.

This topic is too big to cover here in one post, so know that this is the overview and we will go deeper into each of these ideas in the following posts.

In all honesty, there are two small and inexpensive books that most of these ideas are based on and that have WAY more phrases, examples and how-to information than you will find here. Each book is under $5 on Kindle and I highly recommend you read them both to truly master this important skill.

Book 1 – How To Get Instant Trust, Belief, Influence and Rapport! 13 Ways To Create Open Minds By Talking To The Subconscious Mind

Book 2 – Ice Breakers! How To Get Any Prospect To Beg You For A Presentation 

The first thing to understand is that telling people facts, features or benefits about the Young Living products or compensation plan simply doesn’t work. So what does work? STORIES!!!! And the most effective stories are personal stories.

So the first step is to help you build a strong personal story, which means using the Young Living products to help you solve a problem you have in your life. Lets look at some of the major problems that Young Living products solve.

As shown in the examples below, you’re able to pique curiosity about solving some of these problems which will get people to ask for more information… This is where you can either give them samples to try for themselves, or share more information with them, which we will talk about next.

For right now, you are just learning how to get them to ask you for more information.

Common Problem #1 Low Energy – Most people turn to Coffee, Sodas, Caffeine or chemical and sugar loaded energy drinks to ‘boost’ their energy when that 2:30 feeling hits. Young Living offers a healthy natural solution to this problem with NingXia Red and the NingXia nitro products :

Try these products out! Then, when other people in your office are looking like they are ready for a nap in the late afternoon, or reaching for a soda and you are full of healthy and productive energy… You can mention how happy you are to have found a natural way to boost your energy. Or without any prompting people may very well ask you ‘How do you have so much energy?’ and you can then reply ‘I just found a natural energy drink that helps me stay healthy and boosts my energy and I love it.”

Common Problem #2 Wanting to lose weight – Many people could stand to lose a few pounds and most people don’t like ‘diets’ because everyone knows they don’t work long term. If you fall into this category, this is actually a great opportunity for you to lose weight, feel better and peak peoples’ interest in how you did it because Young Living has an entire Weight Management System which you can learn more about here:

What if you committed to eating healthy, exercising daily and using the Young Living Slique products to support you in losing some weight?  As you begin to look better, feel better and have more natural energy, people in the office may very well say… “You look great! Are you on some sort of diet?” and you could reply “Everybody knows diets don’t work, but I have been using a weight management system that I learned about and I’m feeling great!”

Do you think they may want to learn your secret? Of course!

Common Problem #3 Chemicals in the home – From toothpaste bottles that have ‘Call poison control if swallowed’ warnings on them to shampoo with parabins and Sodium Lauryl Sulfate and all of the toxic ‘cleaners’ under most peoples’ kitchen sinks, there is a huge need for natural alternatives.

As you create your chemical free home through the Thieves home cleaning products

Or use more Natural Oral Care , Body care, and Natural Hair Products

You are setting the stage to become an advocate for the positive alternatives. Once you have made the change to the healthier products, you can share this information in a number of ways.

You could leave the Thieve’s wipes, spray and soaps out on the countertop at your house and they can become conversation pieces for others. Since a chemical free home is not as visually striking as losing 15 lbs, you may need to start the conversation by saying something like “I just found out how we can clean our homes without toxic chemicals” or “I just found out how we can replace all of the poisonous cleaners with natural cleaners to make our homes safer for our children”.

Again, the goal in the first step is to get the conversation going… Not to ‘tell’ them what they should be doing, but to get them to inquire about alternatives.

Common Problem #4 Getting Older – Ok, this isn’t in and of itself a problem… Getting older is natural, but no one needs to feel older than they are! From arthritis, aches and pains to sun damaged and wrinkled skin, if you experience any of the problems they may become your best selling and recruiting tool.

Young Living has many products like their anti-aging skin care line…  Joint care and mobility products

And nutritional supplements for all ages (from kids to seniors and everyone in between) –

If you use the products listed above, and they’re able to help you, when someone says ‘Wow! You look great!’ or “How is the arthritis doing?’ you can reply with “I just found a new product line that is helping me ___________, and I love it”

Common Problem #5 Not enough money or too high of taxes – Everyone knows that the last few years have been tough for most middle-class families. With wages dropping and health care costs and housing costs going up, most people could use a few extra hundred dollars per month. For families that are doing well and earning six figure annual incomes through their jobs, the taxes they pay each year add up to a significant amount of money!

For these problems, a young living business can be the perfect solution… But it must be approached in the correct manner because many people have emotional ties to money that can trigger undesired reactions when approached incorrectly.

“I just found out how we can earn a full time paycheck without having to warehouse our kids at day care”
“I just found out how we can get an extra paycheck every month and spend more time with our families, too.”
“I just found out how we can save money on our taxes while getting more healthy and natural products.”
“I just found out how we can save money on our taxes so we can enjoy more of life instead of less.”

Since you have committed to building your Young Living business, you obviously are working towards more abundance in your life, so

Other Common Problems – Sleep, Stress, Depression, Lack of focus, etc – Now this is really where Young Living shines with their line of essential oils because the number of problems that the oils can help with are nearly infinite. If you have a specific problem that has been recurring for you or challenging you for a long time, you can search through the site or through the desk reference guide to find out which essential oils can help you resolve those problems.

If you go here: you will see links to the main oil categories that help with Sleep, Spiritual Health, Mental Health, Emotional Wellness and Stress relief.

Again, same as the above problems… You work with the Young Living products to help you resolve your problems and then you go about your day and when someone says ‘You look great today!’ you can reply with ‘I feel great too… I’ve been sleeping better than ever before since I found these new products that help me sleep like a baby!’

I’ve covered many of the most common problems that people experience and shown many examples of Young Living products that can help. For you to build your story, you need to look at your personal situation and see where you would like to support yourself with more health and well being

Now it is important to remember that you are not allowed to ‘prescribe’ oils to prevent diseases. You are able to tell people about your experiences and you are also able to share what is in the Desk Reference guide or what others have said through the site, but telling someone that “This oil will cure your arthritis” is not only incorrect, but it is against the regulations since you are not a medical doctor.

In the next post we will talk about how to present Young Living after you have gained their attention and piqued their interest with your personal story.

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