healthy living in abundanceCongratulations… At this point you have shared your story, invited them to learn more and they are ready to join the team!


First thing to remember is that if they click the orange “Click Here To Get Started” button on page 3 of your personal site (for example, then they will automatically go to your personal sign-up page with young living and you will simply receive a ‘New Distributor’ email.

Some people will read the whole site and will re-connect with you and state that they are interested and want to get going. What do you do then?

Well, this answer varies a little bit, depending on how far along you are with building your young living business, and you will learn about your options here.

First option is to sponsor and enroll the distributor directly under you. This is what happens by default when they click the orange button on page three, but sometimes you need to send them a link to accomplish this same result.

First thing you need is your member number and then our link-template, below.

You can find your member number by logging in to your account at It will be on the top, next to your name, above the green bar.

Then, just add your member number where you see ‘yournumberhere’ in the below template:

For example, my member number is 2375334

Therefore, my direct link to sponsor and enroll someone under me would be:

Simple, right?

Now, we neet to talk a bit about the strategy behind building your business so that you achive the rank advancements, or promotions, as quickly as possible. The promotions open you up to more income from your entire team which makes it more beneficial to ‘place’ new teammates under your existing teammates in certain situations.

To give you an example, I have enrolled approximately 60 teammates as of this writing, but only 3 of those are directly under me using the link type, above. Generally speaking, if you have 2 or 3 teammates, directly under you, you will want to place new teammates under those teammates to help each of them have at least 2 teammates.

We covered specifically how this helps you generate more commissions through rank advancements in this blog post

More often than not, I am placing individuals under other teammates on the team because I’m more focused on A) helping teammates get their first two teammates and B) advancing in rank through the compensation plan.

Next, you will learn how you can place people under your teammates and still receive the $25 sign-up bonus.

You will use the following template in this situation which is a little different than the first one covered, above.

Here is a real world example on how to use this.

My mother joined in our mission to share these healing tools and abundance in the world, and I placed her directly under me with the first link. Now, my friend who is interested wants to join, I let them know that I will be bringing them into our team and will place them under my mother, but really, they will still be tied in directly with me.

Here is the link I would send them for this:

This would effectively place the teammate under my mother, helping her get her first 2 teammates, while still giving me the enroller bonus.

A couple notes about using this style of linking… First, be sure to always test the link and double check the member numbers that show up on the signup page! It is better to check twice than make a mistake here.

If you do make a mistake, no worries! Call customer service right away… They are able to ‘move’ teammates within the first 5 days… So in my example, if my mother had 2 teammates under her and I placed a 3rd teammate there, I could call customer support and move that 3rd teammate into a position under my mother’s teammate.

Lastly, don’t over think this part, too much. You really can’t get it wrong!

I recommend building only 2 people under you to start, until you reach the level of Executive (2 promotions) and at that point, you should bring a 3rd person under you and start to help them build out their team, to get your next promotion.

Lastly, if the teammate is in a different country than the US, make sure they choose the correct country from the list of options on the signup page.

After your new teammate has purchased their premium starter kit and enrolls in the Essential Rewards program, you can send me their member number (info @ and I will add them to the team link rotator and to the team traning site, too.

I recommend you take these links, add your member number and save them on your computer somewhere that is easy to access for you, so you can access them quickly and fill them out when needed.

Directly under you:

Under a teamate & you:

Once they’re on the Young Living site, you can let them know that most people sign up with the Premium Starter Kit so they can be fully qualified for all commissions from the start, and to get the Everyday Essential Oils to start experiencing the products and building their personal story.

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