Rank Advancements With Young Living

Here, we’re going to look at how the Rank Advancements work in Young Living.

Your first goal with the rank advancements it to reach the rank of Executive as quickly as you can, and then to keep your momentum going and reach the rank of Silver.  By reaching the Executive level, you will have earned two additional rank advancements, Star and Senior Star as a by product of your efforts to achieve Executive

Young living calls this your ‘Creating A Foundation’ phase and you will not only learn what the requirements and benefits are, but you will also learn how to maximize your efforts to achieve the rank of Executive as quickly as possible.

Lets break this down into steps to help you understand what is required.

The first rank advancement you will earn is to Star which requires you to have an Organization Group Volume (OGV) of 500 and a Personal Volume (PV) of  100.  Below is an image that shows an example of how you can achieve your Star promotion.

Young Living Star Promotion

Notice that the above illustration shows two people directly below you and then two people directly below them?  Each person directly under you is a ‘leg’ and your goal is to start with 2 legs and build those two legs up, until you achieve the rank of Executive.

Once you reach the rank of Star, you begin earning 4% commissions on level 3 and you can qualify for additional bonuses, like the ‘Rising Star Team Bonus Pool’ which can result in earning ‘shares’ of a bonus pool that is 1% of all Young Living’s monthly commissionable sales.

As you help the people you’ve enrolled to grow their first two legs, and as you continue to add new people to your two legs, you are well on your way to Executive!

The second rank advancement you will earn is to Senior Star which requires an OGV of 2,000 and a PV of 100.  The best way to build your business as you grow from Star to Senior star is to continue building the same two legs that you started with.  Helping others enroll people and you continuing to enroll people into these legs.

Here is a visual example of what a Senior Star’s team may look like.

Senior Star Young Living

At this point, you unlock yet another level of payouts, now earning 4% of level 4 in addition to 4% on level 3, 5% on level 2 and 8% on level 1.  You also can qualify for even more shares in the Rising Star Team Bonus Pool!

Next stop?  Executive!!!

To achieve the rank of Executive you will need 100 Personal Volume (PV), 2 legs with a total of 1000 leg volume (LV) in each and an Organization Group Volume (OGV) of 4,000.

This is the first promotion that requires specific amount in leg volume, which is precisely why you have been building depth in 2 legs to get your first two promotions instead of simply enrolling everyone directly under you.

To help you visually understand what this means, you will find two images, below.

Executive Leg Volume

This image shows the requirement of two legs with 1000 volume in each


This image shows the Organization Group Volume (OGV) requirement of 4000

At this point, as an executive, you will begin to receive commissions on your 5th level, again at 4%.  You can also qualify for even more shares in the Rising Star Team Bonus Pool and your paychecks are starting to get exciting.

According to the official 2013 income disclosure statement by Young Living, the average Executive brings in $617 per month…  Plus you get the tax deductions from owning and operating your business!

And that is just the beginning.  The next rank advancement is Silver and the average Silver member earns $2,335 per month!

All you need to do right now is to focus all of your energy on achieving the rank of Executive as quickly as you can.  As you get your first few people going, group them together in legs and while you are meeting new people to invite to learn about our mission and your business, help those new people invite the people they know to learn about our mission and their business.

The more you empower those on your team to share our mission and invite others to join, the faster your team can grow outside of your personal efforts.

Get committed!  The effort is well worth the financial and lifestyle freedom this business creates.

You can do this!

…We, as a team, can do this!

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